ELM Consulting is a friendly, results-driven SEO training company serving the digital publishing and E-commerce space. Having trained editors from major magazines, & e-commerce sites, ELM Consulting has a proven track record of success.


Capture more traffic this shopping using key ingredients and best practices from the ELM Consulting content strategy and training. Ensure your content and products are ready once the market starts to trend.

Top 3 SEO Consulting services that Fit All Your Business Needs

ELM Consulting is a friendly, results-driven SEO training company serving the digital publishing and E-commerce space with industry-specific expertise in fashion, automotive, hospitality and software.

Owned and operated by SEO expert Erika Miller, who has worked with high-profile clients like ELLE, Adobe, Hilton and Refinery29, ELM specializes in providing content, link and technical optimization strategies that increase brand authority and Search ranking, resulting in more qualified traffic, engagement and sales.

Designed to empower our clients to effectively manage the majority of SEO work in-house, we make SEO easy to understand and implement with SEO training for web editors and bloggers as well as E-commerce sites. Our technical audits and keyword competitive gap analysis are easy-to-understand and developed with a robust understanding of digital marketing, web traffic and Search behavior.

How can our SEO consulting services help grow your business?

SEO Technical Audit and Keyword Competitive Gap Analysis

Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly where you are currently ranking and how to improve? With a SEO Technical Audit and Keyword Competitive Analysis, you receive detailed technical recommendations to enhance site performance, as well as market share potential and competitor insights.    Learn More...

SEO Training for E-Commerce

Reaching potential customers and achieving increasingly demanding E-Commerce goals can feel like, well, an Amazonian task. The truth is that without learning how to optimize product pages and take advantage of content marketing, you will lose business. Learn keyword research tools, seasonal strategies and define a process for optimization and growth.    Learn More...

SEO Training for Bloggers

When your blog shows up in top search results, the traffic you need to appeal to brand partners and advertisers starts coming in, in droves. Learn how to develop keyword-rich pages and posts and more.
Available as one-on-one consulting and customization and through our Skillshare course. (link to press page for Skillshare)    Learn More...