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Google Secures Network Passing No More Keyword Data to Businesses

September 2013
SEO expert Erika Miller speaks to IFB About How Companies Can prepare for Googles move to a secure network and what ways they can still get good analytics data from their tools. Read more about the fate of SEO keyword data with Googles new move.

SEO Expert Shares Rookie Mistakes Bloggers Make

July 2013
Learn the rookie SEO mistakes to avoid when optimizing content. Check out this article talking with ELM Consulting about how to avoid overuse of categories and tags on a blog.

What Fashion Bloggers Need to Know About SEO

February 2012
To be great at training bloggers, editors, content producers on SEO, its ideal to know the intersection between content and search. ELM Consulting offers a insight about how content marketing is only effective when the content is good, not only the optimization.

Independent Fashion Bloggers Event: The SEO Value Divide

September 2010
Erika L. Miller, founder of ELMConsulting.Org, spoke at the 2010 Independent Fashion Bloggers event at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City. The event attracted hundreds of bloggers from around the country, and the globe. Erika is seen here speaking about SEO strategies and her work with, as well as what inspired her interest in becoming a corporate SEO consultant. Sitting on the panel is also the G-Star Raw Global Brand Guardian, as well as other influential fashion bloggers. Watch the video IFB Conference series on "Effective Ways to Market Your Fashion Blog" now. Erika talks about how to keep content fresh and new for search exposure

Female SEO Consultant, Erika Miller is coined as a 'Woman Making History'

November 2009
ELM Consulting's Founder, Erika L. Miller is making history according to the recent exclusive in MISS Magazine. MISS talks exclusively with SEO Consultant and Founder ELM, to explore how she climbed her way up the corporate ladder into the world of Digital Media and into her dual career doing SEO  training and consulting.
Click here to read this exclusive with ELM Consulting. Find out more about ELM Consulting SEO training and data analysis techniques:

Writer and SEO Mentor at OS-Fashion

With a focus on SEO and Digital Marketing, author Erika Miller provides a unique perspective on how trends, seasonality of keywords and market share can affect your site traffic. Read Erika's latest blogs and articles about big data, content strategy, and overall analysis techniques in digital marketing.

Skillshare Teacher for Course on SEO for Fashion Bloggers

Erika Miller shares a 2 hour self paced course on SEO for fashion bloggers. Useful techniques are provided, and Erika goes the extra mile to make sure her students are applying the SEO knowledge to their everyday workflow.


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