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Creativity is an Important Ingredient to Success

It seems there are many secrets you need to unlock along the way to success. Some have to learn about themselves through creative expression. Although online marketing is a wonderful career path, it is not always easy to feel the rewards at all times, and with Googles algorithms working to keep me on my toes, it is hard to see the results of my labor immediately. So this is why I have turned to jewelry design as a creative outlet. Here are a few pictures documenting my creative process making a simple brass ring.

creativeity begins

The tool shop where creativity begins. Each of the tools in this workshop has a function, from the metal saws thin as a single hair, to the leather and spiked mallets.

My first project required use of the saw, which I found extremely monotonous at first, but this time around with my second project, I found a rhythm in the ebb and flow of my work. The work I did to saw a piece of metal from a raw slab to filing it into shape, then soldering it with silver sealant was not easy, but worth it once I saw it becoming round like a ring.

Uisng the leather mallet

With the leather mallet in hand, banging away I found my rhythm in the creative process. Seeing the shape became more clear than ever; I created a ring.

With this being my second class, I can so far say that the outcome of my labor is extremely rewarding, and so far this has been a great creative experience for me. I am able to see in real time the benefits of my work, and coming to learn each of the steps required to get those results. Patience, dedication, and creativity are all ingredients to success, and this ‘pain in the palms’ jewelry class is teaching me that I love what I do , and often it is the process the gets the results, not the results themselves.

creating a ring from raw materials

Using raw materials, a saw, a mallet, some gusto, and creativity I was able to create this ring!



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