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At ELM Consulting we teach brands and bloggers how to find the keywords searched by the target audience. Then we train on how to write authoritative content used capture and engage this audience.

Ever Wonder What An SEO Consultant Does

This post is a silly SEO consultant infographic that explains what we do. Share it with your friends and family, or through our SEO Pintrest board .

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How to Get Google Keyword Referral Data Not Provided

Learn how to get your keyword demographics and referral data another way now that Google Analytics keywords for logged in users is not provided.


Corporate SEO Consultant: Behind the ‘Zines’

In my role at a world wide magazine publisher, located here in NYC, my SEO Consulting skills are an asset to the company. Having implemented and streamlined a strategy to grow traffic to the websites, I had to accomplish several things within the company to make sure our SEO program and internal departments were functioning […]

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