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Corporate SEO Consultant: Behind the ‘Zines’

In my role at a world wide magazine publisher, located here in NYC, my SEO Consulting skills are an asset to the company. Having implemented and streamlined a strategy to grow traffic to the websites, I had to accomplish several things within the company to make sure our SEO program and internal departments were functioning in the best interest of online viability. In 2009 I set the foundation to execute a growth model that will take this brands above the curve.

Having worked at this company for little over a year- there has been much growth, both within the corporation, the brands, and within my role (personally and professionally). As it stands, I manage a team of 5 people, 1 intern, 5 or 6 vendors and interface with tech and editorial. In addtion to these tasks, i also manage the relationship building within the digital marketing division- new age PR. There is so much expected of me as a corporate SEO Consultant, I just wanted to shed some light on some of it.

Now its back to the grind helping small businesses grow online, because not everyone can afford a corporate SEO Consultant like ELM.

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2 Responses to “Corporate SEO Consultant: Behind the ‘Zines’”

  • SEO Consultant in Corporate- ANNA Says:

    Hi My name is ANNA and I also do corporate seo consulting within the Random House publications for US distribution. I feel like there is a lot we have in common with regard to corporate seo consulting. I really thank you for posting this blog- its super insightful given how little there is on the web about corporate seo consulting and how people like us are faced with growing business from a holistic strategy point.

    Lets hope Google algorithms dont change too much in the next year- with caffeine and all- otherwise our corporate seo consulting growth model ill have to change. And to explain why the links don’t work the same or the META data lost its importance is going to make me nuts.

  • Jessica Says:

    This corporate SEO consulting is a super interesting topic. im really glad your in NYC SEO Consultant likeme. I have been trying to get my blog off the ground- so maybe your corporate SEO consulting ideas are going to be a good fit for me. Sincce your an SEO consultant in NYC- this will be a great fit. ill contact you and I wish you would post for blogs and seo consulting and antidotes to improve rankings for little people like me.

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