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Top 5 Misteps: How a Launch Can Impact Search Traffic

Many people launch new or redesigned websites, both ecommerce and blog, not knowing how a site launch can impact traffic from search engines. Check out this timeline to show how fast a launch that does not consider these 5 things can lose site traffic.

how to prevent SEO traffic drop

Timeline to traffic drop if SEO is not considered

There are 5 key areas to consider when launching a website that could prevent current website launch from a traffic drop.
1. Removing old pages and not redirecting them
2. Launching content that is the same on key pages
3. Changing URL folder names and structure
4. Site load time
5. Analytics, duh!

To learn more about these 5 areas to consider, check out my upcoming conference at FFNYC where I will explore each of these issues and impact as well as the solution, in greater detail. You will walk away ready to take action. Alternatively, if you reach out to me via email or on Twitter I will email you the PDF with full details how to prevent traffic loss before site launch.

Learn how to prevent site traffic drops after launch

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