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No Follow Links from Social Media are Valuable

No follow links

No follow links do add value

Finally Google and Bing announced that the links posted on social networks like Twitter and Facebook are valued by the engines for search rankings. I guess this is great news for all the link builders who use social media to promote and link to their brands. Thing is, social media links are typically coined as NO FOLLOW links. It has long been my thinking that no follow links were considered when Google crawled a website, and with this latest announcement, it has become true.

I always use blog comments to gain a brands visibility, but here are some other solid reason why no follow link from social media still ad value.

    • 1. Getting No Follow links can be good for increasing opportunities to get a site crawled
    • 2. Although not the ideal way to link build, no follow links can help increase inbound links in your profile
    • 3. Using no follow links on popular social media sites, like Twitter can help a brands search saturation
    • 4. These no follow links can help pass relevancy from high page rank pages- so try to post comments on older pages, that will lead to more relevance
    • 5. Of course no follow links are not the end all be all to ranking- you need a profile mix, be realistic about how much you invest on this task

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