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Nexus 7 Google Tablet Arrives Fully Loaded with Google Apps

Google loads nexus 7 tablet with Google appsThe sleek packaging got my attention at first, but when I opened the box to unveil my new Google Nexus 7 tablet I was thrilled to touch the smooth leather encasing for the Android driven device. Upon turning it on and logging into the platform using my gMail account, I was then able to learn that this is very much a Google  branded device. The tablet comes fully loaded with all the branded apps Google has to offer.

Here are the top 5 apps Google offers for the Nexus 7 tablet.

Top 5 Google Apps for the Nexus 7 Tablet:

  • Chrome Browser (plugins TBA)
  • Google Navigation (love!)
  • Google Talk (dont love, prefer Tango ;))
  • Google Play (of course)
  • Google+ (seems to be everywhere now)

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Overall, my first impression of the Nexus 7 is good, but I really think that for half the price of the iPad, you literally do get half the tablet. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is eye catching, sleek and smaller that its counter parts, but it certainly lacks the same fun user interface that Apple offers. By far my iPad is more user friendly, and much less monopolized by the branded apps and tools, which at first glance is quite overwhelming. Android users, which by trade I have become, must be prepared for some additional functionality that might require time fooling around with the device.

That said, I am sure to need more time playing with the new Nexus 7 Google tablet and apps, so I can better understand its everyday use. Here are what some other sites had to say in their reviews of the Nexus 7:

T3 said in their review of the Google Nexus tablet:

At 10.5mm thick it’s not the most slender, but this is barely noticeable in the grand scheme of the overall design of the Nexus 7.

Review Source:

UK retailer Toms Hardware had this to say about the Nexus 7:

Google will see quite a bit of competition in the run up to the holidays as Amazon prepares to bring the Kindle Fire to the UK for the first time. There’s also Apple’s rumored iPad mini to content with, which Cupertino is expected to announce next Tuesday, October 23.

Review Source:,18429.html

And finally one recent consumer reviewing the Nexus 7 tablet on Amazon made this remark:

My initial review was a Nexus 7 vs. the first generation Kindle Fire and the Nexus was a clear winner. I have now updated my review for the Fire HD. It’s a close call but the Nexus’ 4-core CPU and its pure Android, more open makeup make it my preferred 7-incher. However, the rest of my family prefers the Fire HD because it’s such a great dedicated (Amazon) media consumption pad.

Review Source:

Of course with the launch of the iPad mini for the holidays, I will be curious to know if the Nexus tablet was the right choice. Albeit to say that even thought I have always been an avid lover of all things Apple, my experience with Android, Google and the apps and products thus far has been a positive one. With more and more developers, musicians and TV stations making deals with Google, it is certainly important to experience the products and find ways to integrate them into your everyday business practices.

So tell me, how do you use your Nexus 7, iPad or other tablet?

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  • Jenn Jones Says:

    Having read this post about teh Nexus tab;et, I was pretty interested to get it. What do you know about the Chrome book however?

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