Our consulting blog is designed to help you learn more about doing SEO yourself. Find useful insights to drive decision making for your small business or blog. Access industry topics spanning the space, from the impact of Google+ on ranking, to the best tools for keyword research.

At ELM Consulting we teach brands and bloggers how to find the keywords searched by the target audience. Then we train on how to write authoritative content used capture and engage this audience.

Top 5 Misteps: How a Launch Can Impact Search Traffic

Get a closer look at the top 5 ways you can prevent traffic losses after launch. In this SEO training you will learn the 5 key areas where you should ask questions before you launch, and if you find out something is not done in the best way for SEO, you will also learn what the impact is and a solution for how to prevent traffic loss.

Facebook SEO – How to Implement Facebook SEO

Find out mor about Facebook SEO coming soon. Get you META tags ready.

Tracking Brand Mentions Online in 3 Easy Steps

Grow your business online using simple tools to help you engage your customer, client or next investor. By tracking brand mentions, you can get engaged and add value back to your brand. Learn more about tracking brand mention online now!

Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Business Online

Many websites have been hit by the Google Panda updates, which are here to stay. it takes a well informed SEO expert to keep you above the fold during these algorithm advancements. Does your site have what it takes? Are creating unique content for the web? Do you have a strong link profile? Are you […]

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