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At ELM Consulting we teach brands and bloggers how to find the keywords searched by the target audience. Then we train on how to write authoritative content used capture and engage this audience.

The Importance of Turning Content into Commerce

Turning Content into Commerce is the next big trend of 2014. In this post you will learn more about how to turn content into brand awareness, conversation and conversions.

Nexus 7 Google Tablet Arrives Fully Loaded with Google Apps

The Google Nexus 7 tablet might be the right choice for consumers this holiday season, over the soon to release iPad mini. Learn more about the tools and apps on the new Google Nexus 7 tablet and read other reviews from around the web.

Important Facts About Napping at Work

Give it a rest! Its true, if you are tired mid-day at the office, stop reading this blog or Facebooking and take a nap. Read these facts about the importance of napping at work.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Advertisement in New York Streets

The Samsung Galaxy offers free music downloads for phone owners. See this example advertisement that takes mobile to the next level for Galaxy smartphone users.

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No Follow Links from Social Media are Valuable

No follow links do add value- here is 6 reasons why!

From Dot-Com Bust to Social Commerce Boom, Which Way from Here

Read the latest on how Groupon rejected search giant Google’s $6 billion dollar acquisition offer, and how social media has changed business online. Then listen to expert thoughts on how social media might just be another dot-com bubble waiting to burst.

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Corporate SEO Consultant: Behind the ‘Zines’

In my role at a world wide magazine publisher, located here in NYC, my SEO Consulting skills are an asset to the company. Having implemented and streamlined a strategy to grow traffic to the websites, I had to accomplish several things within the company to make sure our SEO program and internal departments were functioning […]

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