ELM Consulting is a friendly, results-driven SEO training company serving the digital publishing and E-commerce space. Having trained editors from major magazines, & e-commerce sites, ELM Consulting has a proven track record of success.


Capture more traffic this shopping using key ingredients and best practices from the ELM Consulting content strategy and training. Ensure your content and products are ready once the market starts to trend.


Not only is it our job, but our pleasure to educate your organization about the impact of search engines have on the success of your website online. At ELM Consulting we specialize in SEO training for writers and technical teams, as well as content strategy development and keyword research and competitive performance analysis. By looking at your business through the lens of search engines, the team at ELM Consulting develops an approach that is customized to fit the short term and long term needs of your business.

As an experienced search consultancy, we do have 5 areas of expertise where we specialize in development and execution of SEO strategies. These core areas are:
  1. 1. Jewelry Design | Goal: Product Sales
  2. 2. Retail | Goal: Turn Content into Commerce
  3. 3. Fashion Blogging & Publishing | Goal: Grow Advertising Revenue
  4. 4. Legal | Goals: Generate Leads & Brand Authority Management
  5. 5. Influential Speakers| Goal: Turn Content into Commerce
Please chat with us today so we can best understand the stage of your business and how we can customize an SEO strategy to help grow traffic, and turn up the dial to your online presence. Contact us now to connect….