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ELM Consulting is a friendly, results-driven SEO training company serving the digital publishing and E-commerce space. Having trained editors from major magazines, & e-commerce sites, ELM Consulting has a proven track record of success.


Capture more traffic this shopping using key ingredients and best practices from the ELM Consulting content strategy and training. Ensure your content and products are ready once the market starts to trend.

At ELM Consulting it is our goal to grow your business on the web by offering affordable SEO Packages, as well as Professional SEO Consulting Services. Our experts develop the strategy and approach your business needs to win new traffic and gain exposure online. Our variety of professional consulting services come at an affordable cost. ELM Consulting is the right company to give your business what it needs to become competitive in the digital age.

All of our SEO packages are affordable and offer a sustainable return on investment. Each search marketing campaign is managed by an experienced online marketing professional. Your search marketing project manager will develop an SEO strategy that accomplishes short and long term goals for traffic growth. With ELM Consulting managing your SEO campaign, online business is destine for growth.

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How to Prevent Search Traffic Loss: Common Questions

In this SEO slideshare presentation is a collection of the common questions to ask your technical team before your launch your new or redesigned website. The goal of this presentation is to help brand owners, project managers and others leading technical website design projects to know what questions to ask to ensure the website causes […]

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Top 5 Misteps: How a Launch Can Impact Search Traffic

Get a closer look at the top 5 ways you can prevent traffic losses after launch. In this SEO training you will learn the 5 key areas where you should ask questions before you launch, and if you find out something is not done in the best way for SEO, you will also learn what the impact is and a solution for how to prevent traffic loss.

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The Importance of Turning Content into Commerce

Turning Content into Commerce is the next big trend of 2014. In this post you will learn more about how to turn content into brand awareness, conversation and conversions.

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